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southside schedule

                                                                      2019 Spring Recreational Schedule
 Union City Knights 1
 CP Rowdies
 4U 1A Woodward Academy
 03/09/19 09:00a
 Union City Knights 2
 CP Rising
 4U 1B Woodward Academy
 03/09/19 09:00a
Union City Knights 1College Park Triumph6U1AWoodward Academy03/09/1909:45a
Tigers 1Union City Knights 26U1BWoodward Academy03/09/1909:45a
Union City Knights 3Tigers 26U1AWoodward Academy03/09/1910:30a
ImhotepUnion City Knights 46U1BWoodward Academy03/09/1910:30a
College Park Dynamo Riverdale6U1AWoodward Academy03/09/1911:15a
Real College ParkCollege Park Union6U1BWoodward Academy03/09/1911:15a
College Park Kickers College Park Lions6U1AWoodward Academy03/09/1912:00p

Tigers 1 Sporting CP8U3AWoodward Academy03/09/199:00a
College Park SoundersTigers 28U3BWoodward Academy03/09/199:00a
Union City Knights 1College Park Rapids8U3AWoodward Academy03/09/1910:00a
College Park WhitecapsUnion City Knights 28U3BWoodward Academy03/09/1910:00a
Union City Knights 3College Park Impact8U3AWoodward Academy03/09/1911:00a
East Point LaLigaOrdaz8U3BWoodward Academy03/09/1911:00a
College Park FireUnion City Knights 48U3AWoodward Academy03/09/1912:00p
RiverdaleImhotep8U3BWoodward Academy03/09/1912:00p
Vine CityCollege Park Redbulls8U3AWoodward Academy03/09/191:00p

West End 1 College Park Timbers10U
Adair Park II03/09/1911:00a
College Park EarthquakesUnion City Knights 210U2AWoodward Academy 03/09/1909:00a
College Park RevolutionWest End 210U
Adair Park II03/09/1911:00a
RiverdaleImhotep10U2BWoodward Academy03/09/1909:00a
Tigers 2Union City Knights110U2AWoodward Academy03/09/1910:30a
Tigers 1East Point LaLiga10U2BWoodward Academy03/09/1910:30a
Olympic (OASC)College Park Flash10UHunterArlington Christian Academy03/09/193:00p

TigersKipp South Fulton12UMainWoodward Academy03/09/1912;00p
College Park Torres12UMainWoodward Academy03/09/191:30p
Vine City ThunderWest End Black12U
Adair Park II03/09/1912:00 PM
West End RedUnion City Knights12U
Adair Park II03/09/191:30 PM

Westside UnitedImhotep14U
Adair Park II03/09/193:00 PM
TigersSouthside U1414UMainWoodward Academy03/09/193:00p

Southside UnitedIAFC 19U Coed Baker19UMainWoodward Academy03/09/194:30p


PanthersCollege Park Flash10 GIRLS7McCurry North03/10/194:30p

Union City Knights 2CP Rowdies4U1AWoodward Academy03/16/199:00a
Union City Knights 1CP Rising4U1BWoodward Academy03/16/199:00a

College Park KickersUnion City Knights 16U1AWoodward Academy03/16/199:45a
College Park TriumphCollege Park Lions6U1BWoodward Academy03//16/199:45a
Union City Knights 2Imhotep6U1AWoodward Academy03/16/1910:30a
RiverdaleUnion City Knights 36U1BWoodward Academy03/16/1910:30a
Union City Knights 4Real College Park 6U1AWoodward Academy03/16/1911:15a
College Park UnionCollege Park Dynamo6U1BWoodward Academy03/16/1911:15a
Tigers 1Tigers 26U1AWoodward Academy03/16/1912:00p

 Tigers 2
East Point LaLiga
8U3AWoodward Academy03/16/199:00a
Sporting CPUnion City Knights 1
8U3BWoodward Academy03/16/199:00a
 Union City Knights 2
College Park Sounders
8U3AWoodward Academy03/16/1910:00a
College Park Rapids
Union City Knights 3
8U3BWoodward Academy03/16/1910:00a
Union City Knights 4
College Park Whitecaps
8U3AWoodward Academy03/16/1911:00a
Vine City
Tigers 1
8U3BWoodward Academy 03/16/1911:00a
 College Park Impact
Riverdale8U3AWoodward Academy03/16/1912:00p
ImhotepCollege Park Fire
8U3BWoodward Academy03/16/1912:00p
College Park Redbulls
Ordaz8U3AWoodward Academy03/16/191:00p

College Park TimbersTigers 110U2AWoodward Academy03/16/1909:00a
Union City 2College Park Revolution10U2BWoodward Academy03/16/1909:00a
ImhotepWest End 110U
Adair Park II03/16/1911:00a
West End 2Riverdale10U
Adair Park II03/16/1911:00a
Union City Knights 1East Point LaLiga10U2AWoodward Academy03/16/1910:30a
Tigers 2College Park Earthquakes10U2BWoodward Academy03/16/1910:30a
Olympic (OASC)College Park Flash10UHunterArlington Christian Academy03/16/1912:00p

West End BlackCollege Park Torres12U
Adair Park II03/16/1912:00 PM
Union CityCollege Park Beat12UMainWoodward Academy03/16/1912:00p
Vine City ThunderTigers12UMainWoodward Academy03/16/1901:30p
HapevilleWest End Red12U
Adair Park II03/16/191:30 PM
RiverdaleKipp South Fulton12UMainWoodward Academy03/16/1903:00p

Westside United 14UTigers14UMainAdair Park II03/16/193:00 PM
Southside `14UImhotep14UMainWoodward Academy03/16/1904:30p

Southside UnitedStreamers FC19UMainWoodward Acadeny03/16/1906:00p
Union City Knights 2CP Rising4u1AWoodward Academy

Tigers 2College Park Triumph6U1AWoodward Academy
Union City Knights 1College Park Lions6U1B
Woodward Academy
College Park KickersTigers 16U1A
Woodward Academy
Real College ParkUnion City Knights 26U1B
Woodward Academy
Union City Knights 3College Park Union6U1A
Woodward Academy
College Park DynamoUnion City Knights 46U1B
Woodward Academy
Woodward Academy

Union City Knights 1Vine City8U3A
Woodward Academy
East Point LaLigaUnion City Knights 28U3B
Woodward Academy
Union City Knights 3Sporting CP8U3A
Woodward Academy
College Park SoundersUnion City Knights 48U3B
Woodward Academy
RiverdaleCollege Park Rapids8U3A
Woodward Academy
ImhotepCollege Park Whitecaps8U3A
Woodward Academy
College Park FireCollege Park Impact8U3A
Woodward Academy
Tigers 1College Park Redbulls8U3B
Woodward Academy
OrdazTigers 28U3A
Woodward Academy

College Park RevolutionEast Point United
Woodward Academy
College Park TimbersImhotep10U2B
Woodward Academy
RiverdaleUnion City Knights 210U2B
Woodward Academy
West End 1West End 210U
Adair Park II03/23/1911:00a
College Park Flash
Woodward Academy
Tigers 1
Union City Knights 110U2A
Woodward Academy

West End RedCollege Park Beat12U
Adair Park II03/23/1912:00 PM
Kipp SouthFultonWest End Black12U
Adair Park II03/23/191:30 PM
Vine City ThunderHapeville12UMain Field
Woodward Academy
Union City KnightsTigers12UMain Field
Woodward Academy
RiverdaleCollege Park Torres12U2B
Woodward Academy

ImhotepTigers14UMain Field
Woodward Academy
03/23/193:00 PM
Westside UnitedSouthside 14U14U
Adair Park II03/23/193:00p

TYSASouthside United19U6Henderson Park03/23/1912:45p
ImhotepCollege Park Kickers6U1AWoodward Academy03/30/1909:00a
College Park Union
Riverdale6U1BWoodward Academy03/30/1909:00a
Tigers 1Union City Knights 16U1AWoodward Academy03/30/1910:00a
Real College Park
Tigers 26U1BWoodward Academy03/30/1910:00a
Union City Knights 2College Park Dynamo6U1AWoodward Academy03/30/1911:00a
Union City Knights 36U1BWoodward Academy03/30/1911:00a

Union City Knights 2OASC 1
8U3AWoodward Academy03/30/199:00a
Vine CityUnion City Knights 38U3BWoodward Academy 03/30/199:00a
East Point LaLiga8U3AWoodward Academy03/30/1910:00a
Sporting CPRiverdale8U3BWoodward Academy03/30/1910:00a
ImhotepCollege Park Sounders8U3AWoodward Academy03/30/1911;00a
Tigers 1
College Park Fire8U3BWoodward Academy03/30/1911;00a
College Park Whitecaps8U3AWoodward Academy03/30/1912:00p
Union City Knights 1
Tigers 28U3BWoodward Academy03/30/1912:00p

College Park EarthquakesUnion City Knights 110U2AWoodward Academy03/30/1912:00p
East Point LaLigaCollege Park Timbers10U2BWoodward Academy03/30/1909:00a
Union City Knights 2Riverdale10U2AWoodward Academy03/30/1910:30a
West End 2Tigers 110U
Adair Park03/30/1911:00a
Tigers 2West End 110U
Adair Park03/30/1911:00a
College Park RevolutionImhotep10U2BWoodward Academy03/30/1910:30a
College Park FlashPanthers10U2AWoodward Academy03/30/199:00a

College Park BeatTigers12UMainWoodward Academy03/30/1912:00p
West End BlackHapeville12U
Adair Park II03/30/19
College Park TorresVine City12UMainWoodward Academy03/30/191:30p
West End RedKipp South Fulton12U
Adair Park II03/30/1912:00 PM
RiverdaleUnion City Knights12UMainWoodward Academy03/30/193:00p

TigersWestside United
Adair Park II
Southside 14UImhotep
14UMainWoodward Academy03/30/194:30p

Southside UnitedFCYSL Madrid19UMainWoodward Academy03/30/196:00p
Southside UnitedGSA South Recreational19UMainWoodward Academy04/06/1912:00p
Union City Knights 1CP Rowdies4U1AWoodward Academy04/13/1909:00a

RiverdaleCollege Park Dynamo
6U1AWoodward Academy04/13/1909:00a
College Park KickersUnion City Knights 2
6U1BWoodward Academy04/13/1910:00a
College Park UnionOASC
6U1AWoodward Academy04/13/1910:00a
Union City Knights 1Tigers 26U1BWoodward Academy04/13/1911:00a
Tigers 1Imhotep6U1AWoodward Academy04/13/1911:00a
Union City Knights 3Real CP
6U1BWoodward Academy04/13/1912:00p

Union City Knights 3Tigers 18U3AWoodward Academy04/13/1909:00a
Union City Knights 2
8U3BWoodward Academy04/13/1909:00a
RiverdaleVine City8U3AWoodward Academy04/13/1910:00a
East Point LaLigaImhotep8U3BWoodward Academy04/13/1910:00a
College Park Fire Tigers 2
8U3AWoodward Academy04/13/1911;00a
College Park SoundersOASC 2
8U3BWoodward Academy04/13/1911:00a
College Park WhitecapsOASC 3
8U3AWoodward Academy04/13/1912:00p
Union City Knights 1Sporting CP
8U3BWoodward Academy04/13/1912:00p

College Park RevolutionEast Point LaLiga10U2AWoodward Academy04/13/1909:00a
Tigers 2/3
10U2BWoodward Academy04/13/1910:30a
College Park EartquakesCollege Park Timbers
10U2AWoodward Academy04/13/1910:30a
West End 1Union City Knights 110U
Adair Park II04/13/1911:00a
Tigers 1Union City 210U2BWoodward Academy04/13/1909:00a
ImhotepWest End 210U
Adair Park II04/13/1911:00a
College Park FlashPink Unicorns
10U2Mccurry Park North

TigersKipp South Fulton12UMainWoodward Academy04/13/191:30p
College Park TorresCollege Park Beat12UMainWoodward Academy04/13/193:00p
Vine City ThunderWest End Red12UMainAdair Park II04/13/1912:00 PM
West End BlackUnion City12UMainAdair Park II04/13/191:30 PM
Woodward Academy

Westside UnitedTigers14U
Adair Park II04/13/193:00 PM
Southside 14UImhotep14UMainWoodward Academy04/13/194:30p

TYSASouthside United19U6Henderson Park04/13/199:00A
Union City Knights 2CP Rowdies4ULowerRonald Bridges Park04/20/1909:00a
Real College ParkTigers 16ULowerRonald Bridges Park04/20/199:00a
Union City Knights 3
College Park Union 6ULowerRonald Bridges Park04/20/1910:00a
College Park DynamoCollege Park Kickers6ULowerRonald Bridges Park04/20/1910:00a
Union City Knights 26ULowerRonald Bridges Park04/20/1911:00a
ImhotepUnion City Knights 16ULowerRonald Bridges Park04/20/1911:00a
Tigers 2Riverdale6ULowerRonald Bridges Park04/20/1912:00p

Tigers 2
8ULowerRonald Briges Park04/20/1909:00a
Tigers 1College Park Whitecaps
8ULowerRonald Briges Park04/20/1909:00a
ImhotepOASC 1
8ULowerRonald Briges Park04/20/1910;00a
Vine CityCollege Park Fire8ULowerRonald Bridges Park04/20/1910;00a
Union City Knights 1
East Point LaLiga8ULowerRonald Bridges Park04/20/1911:00a
Sporting CPRiverdale
8ULowerRonald Bridges Park04/20/1911:00a
Union City Knights 3
College Park Sounders8ULowerRonald Bridges Park04/20/1912:00p
Union City Knights 2
8ULowerRonald Bridges Park04/20/1912:00p

Tigers 1College Park Earthquakes10ULowerRonald Bridges Park04/20/1909:00a
East Point LaLigaWest End 210ULowerAdair Park II04/20/1911:00a
College Park RevoutionUnion City Knights 110ULowerRonald Bridges Park04/20/1910:30a
College Park TimbersImhotep10ULowerRonald Bridges Park04/20/1910:30a
West End 1Riverdale10ULowerAdair Park II04/20/1911:00a
Tigers 2Union City Knights 210ULowerRonald Bridges Park04/20/1909:00a
Pink UnicornsCollege Park Flash10U7McCurry Park North04/20/199:00a

West End RedKipp South Fulton12U
Adair Park II04/20/1912:00 PM
West End BlackCollege Park Beat12U
Adair Park II04/20/191:30 PM
Union CityCollege Park Torres12UUpperRonald Bridges Park04/20/1910:30a
RiverdaleVine City12UUpperRonald Bridges Park04/20/1912:00p

TigersSouthside 14U14U
Westside UnitedImhotep14U
Adair Park II04/20/193:00 PM

TYSASouthside United19U6PAC04/20/193:00p
CP RowdiesUC Knights
4U1AWoodward Academy04/27/1909:00a

 College Park Union
 Tigers 2
6U 1AWoodward Academy
Tigers 1
College Park Dynamo
6U1AWoodward Academy04/27/1910:00a
Real CP
6U1BWoodward Academy04/27/1910:00a
College Park Kickers
Union City Knights 3
6U1AWoodward Academy04/27/1911:00a
Union City Knights 2
6U1BWoodward Academy04/27/1911:00a
Union City Knights 1
6U1AWoodward Academy04/27/1912:00p

RiverdaleUnion City Knights 18U3AWoodward Academy04/27/1909:00a
Tigers 2Sporting CP
8U3BWoodward Academy04/27/1909:00a
College Park FireTigers 18U3AWoodward Academy04/27/1910:00a
Union City Knights 3
8U3BWoodward Academy04/27/1910;00a
College Park WhitecapsVine City8U3AWoodward Academy04/27/1911:00a
East Point LaLigaOASC Tyrone
8U3BWoodward Academy04/27/1911;00a
College Park SoundersOASC Arlington
8U3AWoodward Academy04/27/1912;00p
Union City Knights 2Imhotep
8U3BWoodward Academy04/27/1912;00p

West End 2Tigers 2
Adair Park II04/27/1911:00a
Tigers 1
West End 110U
Adair Park II04/27/1911:00a
College Park Earthquakes
East Point LaLiga10U2AWoodward Academy04/27/1909:00a
College Park Timbers
Union City 2
10U2BWoodward Academy04/27/1910:30a
Union City Knights 1Imhotep10U2AWoodward Academy04/27/1912:00p
College Park RevolutionRiverdale10U2BWoodward Academy04/27/1910:30a
Panthers College Park Flash10U
Woodward Academy

Kipp South Fulton
Vine City Thunder12UMainWoodward Academy04/27/1912:00p
College Park TorresWest End Black12U
Adair Park II04/27/1912:00 PM
West End RedTigers12U
Adair Park II04/27/191:30 PM
Union City KnightsHapeville12UMainWoodward Academy04/27/191:30p
RiverdaleCollege Park Beat
12UMainWoodward Academy04/27/193:00p

Woodward Academy
Southside 14UWestside United14UMainAdair Park

Atlanta CitySouthside United19UMain
6U1AWoodward Academy05/04/1909:00a
Real College ParkTigers 26U1BWoodward Academy05/04/1909:00a
Union City Knights 3Tigers 16U1AWoodward Academy05/04/1910:00a
College Park Dynamo
Union City Knights 26U1BWoodward Academy05/04/1910:00a
Union City Knights 1
College Park Kickers6U1AWoodward Academy05/04/1911:00a
RiverdaleCollege Park Union6U1BWoodward Academy05/04/1911:00a

ImhotepUnion City Knights 28U3AWoodward Academy05/04/1909:00a
Union City Knights 1College Park Fire8U3BWoodward Academy05/04/1909:00a
OASC Arlington
Tigers 28U3AWoodward Academy05/04/1910:00a
Tigers 1College Park Whiecaps8U3BWoodward Academy05/04/1910:00a
Sporting CP
8U3AWoodward Academy05/04/1911:00a
Union City Knights 3Riverdale8U3BWoodward Academy05/04/1911;00a
OASC Tyrone
College Park Sounders8U3BWoodward Academy05/04/1912:00p
Vine City
East Point LaLiga8U3AWoodward Academy05/04/1912:00p

West End 1College Park Revolution10UMainAdair ParK II05/04/1911:00a
College Park TimberUnion City Knights 210U2BWoodward Academy05/04/1909:00a
Tigers 1College Park Earthquake10U2AWoodward Academy05/04/1910:30a
East Point LaLigaUnion City 1
10U2BWoodward Academy05/04/1910:30a
RiverdaleTigers 2
10U2AWoodward Academy05/04/1912:00p
ImhotepWest End 210UMainAdair Park II05/04/1911:00a
College Park FlashPink Unicorns
10U2AWoodward Academy05/04/199:00a

College Park Torres
Vine City
12UMainWoodward Academy05/04/1912:00p
Union City Knights
12UMainWoodward Academy
Kipp South Fulton
12UMainWoodward Academy05/04/193:00p
College Park BeatWest End Red12UMainAdair Park II05/04/1912:00 PM
RiverdaleWest End Black12UMainAdair Park II05/04/19

TigersWest United 14U14U
Adair Park II05/04/193:00p
ImhotepSouthside 14U14UMainWoodward Academy05/04/194:30p

Southside UnitedALL-in FC19UMainWoodward Academy05/04/196:00p
Real College ParkUnion City Knights 16U1AWoodward Academy05/11/1909:00a
College Park DynamoImhotep6U1BWoodward Academy05/11/1909:00a
Riverdale6U1AWoodward Academy05/11/1910:00a
Union City Knights 2Tigers 26U1BWoodward Academy05/11/1910:00a
Tigers 1College Park Union
6U1AWoodward Academy05/11/1911:00a
College Park KickersUnion City Knights 3
6U1BWoodward Academy05/11/1911:00a

College Park FireUnion CIty Knights 38U3AWoodward Academy05/11/1909:00a
College Park WhitecapsUnion CIty Knights 18U3BWoodward Academy05/11/199:00a
Tigers 2Riverdale
8U3AWoodward Academy05/11/1910;00a
College Park SoundersTigers 18U3BWoodward Academy05/11/1910;00a
Union City Knights 2OASC Arlington
8U3AWoodward Academy05/11/1911:00a
Vine City
Imhotep8U3BWoodward Academy05//11/1911:00a
Sporting CP8U3AWoodward Academy05/11/1912:00p
East Point LaLigaOASC Tyrone
8U3BWoodward Academy05/11/1912:00p

Union City Knights 2
Imhotep10U2AWoodward Academy05/11/1909:00a
College Park RevolutionTigers 110U2BWoodward Academy05/11/1909:00a
Tigers 2College Park Timbers10U2AWoodward Academy05/11/1910:30a
College Park EarthquakesEast Point LaLiga10U2BWoodward Academy05/11/1910:30a
Union City Knights 1West End 210U
Adair Park II05/11/1911:00a
RiverdaleWest End 110U
Adair Park II05/11/1911:00a

West End Black12U
Adair Park II05/11/1912:00 PM
TigersCollege Park Torres12UMainWoodward Academy05/11/1912:00p
Union City KnightsKipp South Fulton12UMainWoodward Academy05/11/191:30p
Vine City KnightsWest End Red12U
Adair Park II05/11/1912:00 PM

College Park Beat12UMainWoodward Academy05/11/193:00p



Woodward Academy05/11/19

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